We have been extreeeemely blessed with gorgeous weather for all of our spring and summer weddings so far!! I swear at a week out, it ALWAYS says rain, but never trust it until the day of!  Seriously!!  Luke & Bianca got married on a gorgeous June day in Iowa City! L & B are an […]

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Luke & Bianca : Celebration Farm Wedding

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It’s all in a name.  Elyse. Ted.  These names mean the world to this beautiful couple – they way their names roll off their tongues is “delicious”, as Elyse would say.  Elyse & Ted wrote their own meaningful words to each other during their ceremony and the resemblance between the two was uncanny.  Elyse spoke […]

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Elyse & Ted : Classic hotelVetro Wedding

Bianca has some amazing friends!  How do I know this?  Because we have multiple friends in common from college!  Even though we’re all spread out now, I still sure miss those gals!   A few years ago we were blessed with the opportunity to photograph one of those friends’ weddings (Hey, Stacie!) and Bianca was a […]

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Engagements, Sweetheart

Bianca & Luke : Engaged

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