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I married the love of my life in 2013, moved to Texas with no job and about $10 in my bank account. So I picked up my basic DSLR camera and one itty bitty lens and started taking photos during a swelteringly hot and humid Houston summer. After second-shooting my first wedding (an energetic & incredibly beautiful Nigerian wedding), I was hooked. Thus, Juliana Sabo Photography was born.

We moved back to Iowa, where barn weddings are the norm and where, much to my chagrin, I don’t think a Nigerian wedding has ever taken place. (If you see one, will you send it my way??) I started going on photo sessions, only to feel like my insides were going to betray me in the middle of nowhere and no hope of a restroom in sight. Then we struggled with infertility – a million tests & no answers as to why we were struggling…I knew something was off. Turns out, gluten is not my friend. Thus, this gluten free, healthy living lifestyle was born.

A couple new cameras, one sketchy basement studio, and one beautiful baby girl I am. Loving capturing your stories while also creating mine.

My passion is helping you create the dream life you've always wanted through delicious (mostly good-for-you) food, a cozy home, & beautiful photographs.

how i ended up being a multi-passionate entrepreneur

photographer, hostess, & Foodie??

You've heard of the enneagram, right?  I'm a 1w9 and Stosch is a 9w1 - so yeah, we understand each other pretty well. ;)

I'm the dreamer and he's the believer.  I dream it and he believes I can do it.

He is my second shooter on your wedding day, which means you have the best team because he can read my mind + anticipate what I need next to make your photos as b-e-a-utiful as can be.

We are both homebodies and love a good night in spent on the couch watching "The Office".

Running our home is a team effort for us and now we're putting our efforts together and teaching others how to make your house a home & host well!

we're Stosch & Juliana sabo

a husband and wife photography + hosting team

Juliana discovered she was sensitive to gluten in the summer of 2019 and has been gluten free ever since.

Life & health improved in more ways than she could ever imagine! She got help from the Livewell Clinic (a functional medicine clinic) to help her understand her gut and all of the foods that cause inflammation (ummm it's a lot) and how to eat in a new way. It starts off HARD, but is so worth it to feel GOOD.

We understand what it's like to search for the nearest bathroom wherever you go. We understand that sensitivities present themselves in SO many ways. We understand the struggle of making those changes.

We're here to make those transitions easier & to show you that life is still delicious with food sensitivities.

we understand food sensitivites

from gluten + eggs to dairy

Girls' weekend. Christmas with the in-laws. Dinner Date. Babysitting the nieces & nephews. Brunch with people who have food sensitivities.

No matter how what you're hosting, we've got you covered. Our approach to hosting makes it beautiful, fun, & simple!! Yep!!  We've thought of every detail in our tips, tricks + hosting guides so you don't have to and you fall in love with hosting in your space.  These live on our resources page!

We specialize in the details : making your home hosting-friendly, helping you create a delicious meal for food sensitive peeps, & simplifying your life so you can enjoy your guests. 

Ready to be the best hostess you can be? You can learn more about what we do here!

and take a fresh approach on hosting

curate your hosting style

we were together. i forget the rest.

- walt whitman

When I was a little girl I used to LOVE poring over our family's photo albums, home videos, and National Geographic.  I loved looking through our photos and noticing all the details - the room we were in, the furniture + decor surrounding us + the emotion on our faces.  Each item in the photo brings back a certain emotion and a sense of nostalgia - a glimpse into what our lives were like.  This is where my passion for photography began.  Now, I want you to be able to look back at your photos and be taken back to a time in your life, whether it be the most perfect time of your life or a hard part of your life.  I think it all needs to be remembered because it all made you who you are today.

My mom is the most outgoing and happy-go-lucky person you will meet.  Her middle name rings true to who she is - JOY.  Our front door was always open both literally and figuratively.  Both the light and fresh air poured through our home and our front door was always welcome to guests.  She was the first who showed me how to love others through a welcome space and yummy food.  

We started trying for a baby in January of 2018.  After we struggled to get pregnant and tried the conventional western medicine route, I decided to try another way.  That's where my passion for functional medicine and fueling our bodies with foods that make us feel good began.  Gluten was not only affecting my gut negatively, but it was also making my hormones wonky, making the journey to get pregnant difficult.  After changing my diet completely and realizing life didn't have to mean worrying about needing a restroom while hiking or being in pain, I became passionate about helping others do the same. It also meant having our sweet baby girl, Ella Joy (the biggest blessing)! BUT I am also a foodie, which means I don't want to eat food that's just "good for gluten free", I wanted to eat just plain ol' GOOD FOOD.  That's where my passion began for sharing my journey with others and giving hope through food intolerance began.  

So here I am, pursuing my love for photography, hosting, and food.  Pursuing just one is too simple, right? Ha!  But I believe they all have one thing in common - serving other people.  I want to serve other people in a way that makes them feel loved and important, whether that's through their favorite dish, a cozy place to lay their head, or a photo of them in their everyday life - being exactly who they were meant to be in that moment - documented forever.

stories of our heart and home

"When are you going to have kids?"
"The clock is ticking."
"You need to give Stosch a baby."

What it's like to experience infertility.

our infertility story

Hosting overnight guests is our jam!! We've thought of all the details for what you need for a uber-functional and cozy guest room so you don't have to!

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We have spent most of our marriage perfecting our margherita pizza - only to have to revamp it again when I went gluten free!  Get our coveted gluten free margherita pizza recipe here!

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