You're looking for a photographer who captures those moments no one else sees, who understands the fleeting-ness of every single moment, who sees the beauty in your story.

You're a small business owner ready to elevate your business to the next level and stand out as a professional in your field.

Your life and home isn't perfect, but that's okay.  You're happy and that's worth capturing.

You're trying out this gluten free thing and wondering if food will ever be good again.

Girl, I got you.  Photos are my passion, home efficiency is my love, and food (that is ACTUALLY good and won't make you have to find that porta-potty on that hike you're taking) is my joy.

I'm a branding and lifestyle photographer.  A hostess with a passion for helping you not pull your hair out, and a foodie that's pursued a gluten free lifestyle that made her start crying tears of joy in the middle of a restaurant. I'm here to capture your moments, help you love your home in a new way, and live a life that's delicious + makes you feel good.  Let's live life the way it was meant to be - deliciously together.

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we believe

your home should be a place of rest, peace, and joy

not a place of chaos + overwhelm

the "outtakes" from your session are going to become your favorite

because life isn't about being perfect

food should be delicious and make you feel your best

not just "good for gluten free"

we believe

that good design is a language, not a style (to quote massimo vignelli).

you don't live in a box. So we won't try to fit your design in one.

we believe

that high style doesn't always have to mean high dollar.

we aren't afraid of mixing thrifty finds with quality staples.

we believe

in fresh flowers. but we know that's not practical for every day.

shhhh don't tell. we have the best faux plants for real people.

You've heard of the enneagram, right?  I'm a 1w9 and Stosch is a 9w1 - so yeah, we understand each other pretty well. ;)

I'm the dreamer and he's the believer.  I dream it and he believes I can do it.

He is my second shooter on your wedding day, which means you have the best team because he can read my mind + anticipate what I need next to make your photos as b-e-a-utiful as can be.

We are both homebodies and love a good night in spent on the couch watching "The Office".

Running our home is a team effort for us and now we're putting our efforts together and teaching others how to make your house a home & host well!

we're Stosch & Juliana sabo

a husband and wife photography + hosting team

Juliana discovered she was sensitive to gluten in the summer of 2019 and has been gluten free ever since.

Life & health improved in more ways than she could ever imagine! She got help from the Livewell Clinic (a functional medicine clinic) to help her understand her gut and all of the foods that cause inflammation (ummm it's a lot) and how to eat in a new way. It starts off HARD, but is so worth it to feel GOOD.

We understand what it's like to search for the nearest bathroom wherever you go. We understand that sensitivities present themselves in SO many ways. We understand the struggle of making those changes.

We're here to make those transitions easier & to show you that life is still delicious with food sensitivities.

we understand food sensitivites

from gluten + eggs to dairy

Girls' weekend. Christmas with the in-laws. Dinner Date. Babysitting the nieces & nephews. Brunch with people who have food sensitivities.

No matter how what you're hosting, we've got you covered. Our approach to hosting makes it beautiful, fun, & simple!! Yep!!  We've thought of every detail in our tips, tricks + hosting guides so you don't have to and you fall in love with hosting in your space.  These live on our resources page!

We specialize in the details : making your home hosting-friendly, helping you create a delicious meal for food sensitive peeps, & simplifying your life so you can enjoy your guests. 

Ready to be the best hostess you can be? You can learn more about what we do here!

and take a fresh approach on hosting

curate your hosting style

let's do this


Why have a first look on your wedding day and is it right for you?  My 5 reasons why you should consider having one!

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I firmly believe that gluten free food doesn't just have to be "good for gluten free".  I cried in the middle of a restaurant when I first learned this. I'm here to share some of my fave recipes!

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I'm a small business owner looking to take my business to the next level with beautiful photos that represent my vibe!  Let's get some fresh social media content & website photos that make me stand out.

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