McFarland Family – Rainy Day Photography

/ April 17th, 2017 /

This beautiful family braved a pretty dynamic thunderstorm for these family photos back in my home of Clinton, IA!  The kiddos played in the rain, jumped in some puddles, and we got some pretty memorable photos through it all! And let’s be real…Samantha’s hair has the most perfect curls through rain and some dense humidity…every girls’ dream!

McFarland Family-9 McFarland Family-13 McFarland Family-16 McFarland Family-22 McFarland Family-24 McFarland Family-29 McFarland Family-34 McFarland Family-40 McFarland Family-43 McFarland Family-44 McFarland Family-48 McFarland Family-51 McFarland Family-61

Those blue eyes had some pretty incredible intensity!  This sweet baby girl is so aware…I could have stared at her all day and marveled at her!

McFarland Family-64 McFarland Family-67 McFarland Family-70 McFarland Family-75 McFarland Family-80 McFarland Family-87 McFarland Family-89 McFarland Family-90

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