In-Home Family | Clear Lake

/ March 17th, 2021 /

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  In home sessions are THE BEST.  You need two things for an in-home session:

  1. Windows – give me alllll the natural light, baby.
  2. Yourself = Having fun

The key to a GREAT in-home lifestyle session is to PLAY.  Don’t be afraid to be silly with your kiddos and/or your sweetheart!  Those genuine smiles and the way you interact with each other is what makes your session truly look like YOU.  

That said, of course this is one of my favorites!! Look at those grins!  I told myself this year I would do better at narrowing down and selecting fewer photos.  My track record so far says otherwise. :s  Whoops.

This photographer Mama wanted some photos of herself in FRONT of the camera with her kiddos, which I can relate to all too well.  So we made sure to get some sweeeeet interactions between her and her adorable boys!

Hi there!

Hi!  Thanks for taking a peek at some of my latest work!  I would love to get to know you more!  Shoot me a message to get on my calendar before these precious moments are gone!