Family Christmas

/ January 31st, 2016 /

Am I wait late posting this??  Why yes, yes I am.  I am currently undergoing a re-vamp of my website!  Wahoo!!  It will officially look more official and beautiful than ever!  I have hired a professional company (MediaNovak) to help me do this and I CANNOT wait to show you the results!  In the meantime, I sort of neglected to update the website I currently have…but I do not want to neglect the beautiful times I have had during this time!  One of these is my family Christmas.  I love capturing the ordinary, every day moments of life…mine AND yours. 🙂

This was the very first Christmas we spent without Dad.  There were moments of sadness…missing his wide smile, his ridiculous jokes, and circle conversations that have no end, but there was also joy in remembering all of the memories each of us possess and can share with each other.  We miss him every day, but have the confidence and hope of knowing that he is with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are so blessed to have that hope and peace.

Please enjoy these sweet moments I spent with my husband, Mom, siblings, Grandma, and the many nieces and nephews!


MommaGlad Burggraaf

July 25, 2016

It was a bitter/sweet Christmas without our fearless leader! But we all had thankful hearts in remembering the RICH legacy left to US by Jon Lynn Burggraaf. We are the LUCKIEST family!!!!

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