Brianna + Nick : North Iowa Romantic Engagements

/ October 21st, 2019 /

Brianna & Nick have the sweetest relationship!  They work nights together in the same hospital, which means they get to swing their sleeping schedules together.  PLUS, every third shift together, they go out for breakfast afterward! I mean, it’s safe to say that doing third shift doesn’t get much better then that. 😉

These two laugh easy + are game for anything + are the sweetest couple.  My job as a photographer does not get easier than that. They even walked through a gaggle of geese to help me fulfill a vision for an epic photo!!  So look for the photos of geese flying and photobombing – they braved lots of squawking and dodging goose feces being dropped from the sky.  :p  Brave clients are just the best.  We are very VERY excited for their wedding just under a year from now! 

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