Best of 2019 | WEDDINGS

/ January 23rd, 2020 /

Last night I had a dream that I went to dinner with all of my wedding couples that we’ve photographed.  I introduced them to one another and was so excited to create new friendships between these people.  I think this should become a reality, don’t you???

Each year I’m amazed at how BLESSED I am to get to work with such AMAZING people who let me come into their lives as a stranger and capture these personal, highly important moments of their lives – and then leave as a friend.  

Photographing weddings is a beast.  It’s not easy.  Carrying around a camera that weighs at least 5 pounds (sometimes more if I’m using a large lens + a flash) and a bag that holds at least 2 more lenses, only drinking water when Stosch physically hands it to me, not eating for about 8 hours while on my feet for the same amount of time – thinking on my feet with a million different lighting scenarios + some locations that take some serious creativity to avoid some awkward strangers in the background.

But here’s the thing.

  • Sharing your joy with you is easy.
  • Watching your soon-to-be-husband see you for the first time in your wedding dress makes me melt every. time. 
  • The look on your dad’s face as he gives you away at the end of that aisle being frozen forever inside of my camera – that’s the best feeling in the world. 
  • Being able to hear your laughter through an image because your maid of honor just gave the best speech known to mankind – that’s my thing.
  • Not only documenting your day so you can remember it, but doing it in a way that makes you feel allllllll those things all over again for years to come.  That’s my why.

So please take a moment to enjoy some of my favorite moments and images from our 2019 weddings.  A piece of my heart lives here.

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