Annette & Tyler | ENGAGED

/ March 12th, 2021 /

When I asked Tyler to whisper one thing that he loved about her into Annette’s ear and he said, “Just one???” I knew these were my kind of people. 

And when I told them this was our first time leaving Ella with a babysitter and they CARED and asked me to tell them all about our little girl – my mama heart swelled.  Sure makes it so much easier to leave your baby when the people you get to spend your time with are AWESOME.

Annette’s smile is a dead giveaway of just how much fun we had during their engagement session!!  From a sweet couple in downtown Clear Lake, to a snowy beach, and iced over lake with a beautiful sunset + a cute pup, I LOVED this session!! We got in the car to go home and Stosch says, “She’s back!”  I’m back, y’all.  Let’s make some memories this year!

And oh yeah…a bird pooped on Annette’s leg.  Can you find the photo where it happened???

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